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Having been a busy, freelance, web designer and mum of two, I turned my attention back to raw art materials and married it with the use of my internet experience to sell paintings online. I have sold paintings all over the world, thanks to the internet and even reach people from all corners of the globe with my Youtube video demos.


I particularly love using mixed media on canvases and enjoy conveying impressions of landscapes and still life largely with acrylic paints, daubing with all manner of brush shapes and sizes, scraping with palette/painting knives, spraying, sponging, stippling, scumbling, glazing, you name it, I've probably incorporated it somewhere.


I love to gain inspiration from other artists' work and am often found pinning paintings onto one of my Pinterest boards "Art I Like". I also gain my inspiration from roaming around the Surrey Hills with my loyal and lively "sprocker" spaniel.




Emily King (BA Hons)


I first left university with a degree in Textile Design under my belt expecting to find myself readily employable in the industry with the relevant vocational qualification. However, the textile industry was in a massive recession and jobs were scarce. Although my natural talents lay in drawing, painting and designing with raw materials I had acquired skills in CAD (Computer Aided Design) that I felt could be put to good use. Web design happened to present itself when I worked for a small pensions company, allowing me to put my creative eye and computer skills together. A short time later I found myself helping some colleagues to design a face for their upcoming social networking site, Friends Reunited. This, as you no doubt know, turned out to be a huge success and I worked for several years as a freelance web designer, operating under the name 'Sitesorted'.


Without wanting to lose touch with art in it's more raw form I haven't been able to stay away from the paint brush or pencil, taking a break from the computer screen and expressing my creativity on paper or canvas. I particularly enjoy working with acrylics on highly textured surfaces or canvases.


I am currently selling work here on my site and on Etsy. Please feel free to browse my gallery of paintings and drop me a line if you have any queries.

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